Company Radiosatkabel is active in the design and implementation of radio communications technology:


We are ready to deal with your individual requirements and, along with tens of foreign producers with whom we offer the best solutions to the choice of strategy, systems and equipment.

A company with a long-term tradition and a great number of realized projects

Radiosatkabel was founded in 1991.


RADIO SAT KABEL – RSK – Ing. Pavel Belluš                     authorized civil engineer

Hlavatého 2
811 03 Bratislava 
Slovak Republic 
Phone & Fax: +421 2 54414438 
Mobil: 0905 517 310 
e-mail: pavel.bellus@gmail.com or pavel@radiosatkabel.sk


The English version of our web page is not a full translation of the Slovak one. The contents of the English version reflects the most important information for foreign speaking visitors. If found necessary, please contact us by mail. We thank you for your understanding.